A self described second generation music brat, Glenna blends the classical and jazz influences of her early years with her own unique artistic expression derived from her love of folk music. The product is a collection of original tunes with meaty chords, intricate melodies and poignant lyrics. Her honesty will make you cry one minute and laugh the next as you are allowed a glimpse into who Glenna Green is. read more

Latest Release

  1. Bit on the Side
  2. It's Not Easy Being Green (Joe Raposo)
  3. More than a Hat Rack
  4. Sweet Loving
  5. To Keep My Love Alive (Roger & Hart)
  6. Phoebe's Lullaby
  7. All the King's Horses
  8. Pink Petals
  9. He Never Said
  10. The Way You Take My Hand
  11. I Call Him My Partner
  12. Venus Envy
  13. Come to the River

Latest News and Events

New CD on it's way...

Details to follow



New Dates To Catch Glenna



Sunday August 12, 2012
1pm -3pm

Join Glenna on the patio of O'Reilly's Ale House in Perth Ontario.
O'Reilly's is located at 43 Gore St. East, Phone no. 613-267-7994.
Or visit their website at www.oreillyspubperth.com
This is an all ages venue


July 1, 2012

Glenna & Dave Barton

Gananoque Ribfest

2:45 - 4:15

A mix of standards & sweet melodies


May 12, 2012


R.C.H.A. Club

193 Ontario St. Kingston Ontario

7pm - 8pm

Fund Raiser for Joe's M.I.L.L. - A musical lending library.


December 3, 2011

Join Glenna and friends Dave Barton on guitar and Bob Arlidge on bass at the RCHA.



Jump with us into the 'musical Tardis' and enjoy beautiful melodies from the 20's through to today.


193 Ontario Street,
Kingston (up on the 3rd floor)

Saturday December, 3rd

8:00- 12:00pm 


August 10, 2011

With only a guitar and vocals this local songstress will breathe life into many of the familiar melodies that are swimming around in the back of your mind. Come out for an evening in the lovely town of Gananoque and be serenaded with the enchanting melodies of Ellington, Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart and so many more.


The Golden Apple
45 King St. West
Gananoque, ON
Friday, August 12th
7:00 - 10:00 pm



July 28, 2011


Playing a mix of standards and my favourite melodies...

just me and my guitar

and all the friendly folks at the Cove,

yummy food and a gorgeous view of the one of the cutest towns in the area


The Cove Country Inn
2 Bedford-on-the-Water
Westport, ON K0G 1X0
Saturday, July 30th
6:00 - 9:00 pm


July 14, 2011

gotta gig at the Cove in Westport this Saturday from 6 to 9 ...road trip anyone? ...good food and friendly folks and a beautiful location ...ya know ya wanna ...


The Cove Country Inn 2
Westport, ON K0G 1X0
Saturday, July 16th
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


June 27, 2011

Dave Barton and I will be playing a mix of jazz standards and originals tunes at:
The Standeasy Room, RCHA Club 193 Ontario St., Kingston, ON
Saturday, July 2nd 8:00 pm - midnight

A self-described second generation music brat, Glenna blends the classical and jazz influences of her early years with her own unique artistic expression derived from her love of folk music. The product is a collection of original tunes with meaty chords, intricate melodies and poignant lyrics.
...and Dave Barton is just fabulous on guitar...


June 2, 2011

so! ...yesterday! ...it was a lovely warm morning that's calm was interrupted by a breeze and in that moment the dandelions released their seeds...a flurry of seeds on their fluffy parachutes danced in the sunlight and left in a squall up West Street to be the bane of some other gardener's existence...I saw some later in the day caught in a spider's web...the inspiration for dreamcatchers?


May 16, 2011

I'm playing the following shows over the next month and hope that you can come out for some music and fun!


Saturday, May 28th The Cove Country Inn
2 Bedford-on-the-Water Westport, ON K0G 1X0

Show starts at 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm


Saturday, June 11th The Stonewater Irish Pub
490 Stone Street S. Gananoque, ON K7G 2A4

Show starts at 8:00 pm until 11:00 pm


May 3, 2011

She's a saucy, sassy, fiesty red-head armed with a guitar and an arsenal of witty, jazzy tunes that will make you laugh until you cry...
She stole the show at Paint the Town Pink in April and she'll steal your music loving heart - Singer-Songwriter and all-round great lady Miss Glenna Green will charm you with her razor wit, beautiful melodies and sweet voice...
Join Glenna for something completely different this Friday night at the cozy Stonewater pub for an entertaining evening of groovy music and humour. Try out Dave's new spring menu (Steak and Brie pizza - soooo good).


Friday, May 6, 2011 - 8PM Stonewater Pub
490 Stone Street South Gananoque, ON


March 20, 2011

come out to Gananoque (Stonewater Pub) and
Paint The Town Pink Saturday April 2
a great cause and good music
hope to see you there
feel free to pass this along to any and all...
...cheers ...gg


January 5, 2011

I'm happily on vacation from my regular work and have a chance to play at what I love.
It started with the gig on New Year's Day and even though the band was dragging their sorry asses with malaise and fatigue the music didn't suffer at all and the crowd enjoyed the afternoon of croon tunes. We got some great feedback and had a lot of fun. I mixed up the sets with some new stuff for the guys to try out. We mixed Ellington and Van Morrison, Ink Spots and Fastball. Even got some people up dancing. There was a large group who were there right at one o'clock that set the party mood and it just kept going. Bless them. A good crowd makes for a good performance every time and adds to the whole atmosphere of the day.
The Standeasy Lounge put on their usual supply of Moose Milk, a special drink for suffering heads made of ice cream and whiskey and other secret ingredients. It's yummy in small doses but beware...it has a kick!...a big moose kick!!
Monday and Tuesday found me happily spending time in a studio singing, of all things, Christmas Carols. The best part about Christmas is the music and the cookies. Might as well record them now that they are rehearsed. I had a few gigs this holiday season dressed in my tree costume singing for the tots and their families. I fill the gap between hot chocolate and sugar doughnuts and Santa's arrival at the party. It's a great gig but it can be a tough crowd. Little ones full of sugar are blunt and sober and don't mess up the lyrics or they'll catch you on it and let you know in no uncertain terms. Bless them. Anyway, I was in the studio recording, just me and my guitar, live off the floor, simple arrangements of the way I perform the tunes. I hope to have a record of them for myself, also to have a copy to promote for next year's holiday parties and also to distribute to my friends. All those who have been bugging me for years to put out a Christmas album.
So there you have it. I'm not even half way through my week off and I'm already happy with what has been accomplished. I have an internal "YIPPY!!" that's hiding behind my goofy grin. Self satisfaction feels like a big happy bubble in my belly that I never want to burp.
Tomorrow I get a copy of what's been done so far and I'm recruiting the musical ears of Sara and David to help me choose from the hours of recording of the 30 plus tunes to get the best of the best for a simple mix of my favourite tunes. The best part about Christmas is the music and the cookies.
After this project is done I want to make a collection of lullabies in the same format. Something simple like the tape that I made years ago for my nephews and friends at work. I'm still working on the Batfish childrens' book; illustrations, publication and the song that goes with it. Also, I want to record the other new tunes I've written and get the busy musicians that have agreed to play on it corralled into the studio to finish that. They are worth waiting for. As well I'll work on getting some more gigs and flogging my cd's and ...and...and...Still so much to do and so many days ahead...but a good start to 2011.
After all I am just a little tree...some have even called me a shrubbery...the nerve!!


December 29, 2010

Keep the party going on New Year's Day from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Standeasy Lounge (RCHA Club), 193 Ontario St., 3rd Floor, Kingston, ON with music from the 20s through to today by Glenna Green (me), Bob Arlidge and Dave Barton - join us for music, friends and MOOSE MILK!!!


December 12, 2010

Well, I'm waiting for my butter to warm up so I can whip it into some fluffy shortbread cookies to share with my pals at the pub. I thought I'd let you know what's up in my corner of the world.
While the rest of Ontario has been blanketed in a thick coating of white, my little town has escaped most of it...I swear Kingston is in a bubble. Today (Sunday, December 12, 2010) the prediction of freezing rain sent shivers down my spine. That is definitely my least favourite type of precipitation. Especially when I have to go out in it. I played a tree gig in Gananoque today.... maybe I should explain that.

My favourite part of this season (other than the cookies) is the singing. So long ago I started a playbook of carols and entertained the kids from the Post Office at the annual party as an elf. Then a co-worker gave me a Hallowe'en costume she had worn of a Christmas tree.
Well, I started playing all sorts of odd gigs with that. So private parties, outside venues and company bashes in the London area were likely to find me, as a tree, playing to the little cherubs before the fat man in red showed up. This has not always been an easy crowd. What with a very picky eight-year-old picking up on my 'oops' in the Grinch lyrics and correcting me on the spot. "Yes dear, quite right dear, it is a greasy black peal, not and oily black peal, my mistake, I promise I'll never make that mistake again." Or when the area in front of where I set up my equipment becomes a zone for whirling dervishes and wobbly little dumplings to collide.
I hand out bells on pipecleaners in festive colours and invite the offspring of the company rank-and-file to join in the band. Some come right up beside me and try to take over the mic. Some parents abandon their charges and leave me with 60 to 100 wee ones all hopped up on sugar doughnuts and hot chocolate. Security!?! Ah, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I get my kid fix for the year and except for a few tears and the occasional sugar-induced melt down most of the kids have almost as much fun as I do.
So today was the Ludlow Tech Christmas bash in Gananoque. I've done this party for enough years that the kids remember me and I look forward to seeing them again. The girls in their princess dresses, the boys all scrubbed and wearing crisp new shirts. This year there was a little one who must have just started walking recently who had all the wobbly moves of Charlie Chaplin, swaying precariously in front of me. Now how am I
supposed to keep the guitar chords, lyrics and melody going AND a straight face? Well, she wobbled until her gigantic cranium's momentum won out and she landed squarely on her ballooned out bottom. Before she could bellow her parental unit, who I could have sworn wasn't watching, I swooped in and scooped her in a comforting embrace and turned the possible howl into a giggle. Magic! Moms are magic.
In St.Thomas I've been doing the Fantasy of Lights "Santa Night" long enough that some of the original kids are now bringing their kids. Sadly I won't be able to do that one this year for the first time since I started. Last year one of the little guys mother said that when he got out of school his first thought was about singing with the tree. Not Santa or presents. His first and only thought was about being in my band...
...and that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.


December 5, 2010

All proceeds donated to the Partners In Mission Food Bank Friday, December 17, 2010
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Raise your voice in song

Have a blast going from pub to pub with new and old friends

Meet at the Brew Pub on Clarence Street at 6:30 pm (if you miss us there find us along the route)



...the night away ..........


October 5, 2010

MySpace, Facebook, CBC Radio 3, Broadjam and Upcoming Shows

You can now join Glenna on MySpace at www.myspace.com/glennagreen, her music page on Facebook, CBC Radio 3 and on Broadjam. She would love to hear from you! Stay tuned because she is going to have some exciting news for you in the very near future!

Glenna has two shows coming up:

October 23, 2010 - RCHA Club, The Standeasy Room, 193 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2Y7 @ 9 pm

November 11, 2010 - RCHA Club, The Standeasy Room, 193 Ontario Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2Y7 @ 1 pm

June 11, 2010 ... 8 pm

Night Life at the Wellington Theatre, Kingston

Pop/rock, folk,R&B by various local artists ...and a bit of jazz by Glenna Green and Dave Barton...tickets $10:00

June 18 ...10:30 pm to midnight

Brock Pub, Brockville

.Glenna Green and Dave Barton will play on the fringe of the Jazz Fest.

October 2009

Jammin' in the 1,000 Islands

Saturday October 17th with Dave Barton at the Arthur Child Heritage Museum.

April, 2009

Glenna Green's More than a Hat Rack CD Release Party

Glenna and friends Dave Barton, Ken Hall, Zak Colbert, Duncan Holt and more ... For an afternoon of original tunes from the CD and some old favourites.


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