A self described second generation music brat, Glenna blends the classical and jazz influences of her early years with her own unique artistic expression derived from her love of folk music. The product is a collection of original tunes with meaty chords, intricate melodies and poignant lyrics. Her honesty will make you cry one minute and laugh the next as you are allowed a glimpse into who Glenna Green is. read more

Latest Release

  1. Bit on the Side
  2. It's Not Easy Being Green (Joe Raposo)
  3. More than a Hat Rack
  4. Sweet Loving
  5. To Keep My Love Alive (Roger & Hart)
  6. Phoebe's Lullaby
  7. All the King's Horses
  8. Pink Petals
  9. He Never Said
  10. The Way You Take My Hand
  11. I Call Him My Partner
  12. Venus Envy
  13. Come to the River

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