BIT ON THE SIDE Yup, she' pissed off. When a relationship ends you are left with a list of unanswered questions. Especially if they've been sneaky.

IT'S NOT EASY BEIN' GREEN by Joe Raposo. Made famous by the famous frog.

MORE THAN A HAT RACK Oh, those travelling salesmen and what havoc they cause in the wake of their visits. 


SWEET LOVING The Joyous nonsense of lovers.

TO KEEP MY LOVE ALIVE by Rogers and Hart. Found on Ella Fitzgerald "songbook" album. Husbands beware.

PHOEBE'S LULLABY At song for my English Bulldog, now gone but not forgotten.

ALL THE KING'S HORSES A very raw song that if you don't listen to the words could be a lullaby. There are too many broken birds with sad stories that cripple their lives. This is one story.

PINK PETALS Spring brings cherry blossoms and wet lawns and soggy toes and everything is good in the world again.

HE NEVER SAID Her name was Gina. True story. Broke my heart and helped mend a deep wound.

THE WAY YOU TAKE MY HAND What is it that makes one person mesh with our lives like they've always been there? Suddenly it's like when the sky clears after a storm. But can you trust it?

I CALL HIM MY PARTNER It's a real relationship. Things get said. What matters is that you still care enough to say them.

VENUS ENVY This song explores the way we women compete socially and try to forgive those who have dressed up against us.

COME TO THE RIVER This was a very simple song until it got in the studio. Duncan Holt has to get a credit for his part of the arrangement. He sent me home from the studio to write something backwards for the background vocals. That turned my brain to scrambled eggs in no time. Makes doing live a bit tricky too.

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